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Our Services

We are electricity sector cyber resilience specialists, devising solutions that can mitigate growing risks facing operators today.

Global energy sector Intelligence

CAPA's cyber threat intelligence services provide real-time feeds on the latest cyber threats, vulnerabilities and outages in distributed energy systems technologies - AMI, solar PV, battery storage and electric vehicle charging systems and associated Cloud platforms.

Real time detection and incident response 

CAPA is investing in real time threat detection systems to provide early warning systems to cyber attacks and failures, allowing system operations teams to prepare and respond quickly to minimise the impact of cyber attacks.

Electricity sector cyber resilience consulting

As domain experts across the electricity and digital security sectors, we work with technical teams, CISOs, executives and boards to navigate policy changes, investigate risks, implement remediations, and assist with incident response and recovery coordination. 

Dark Clouds

Why use CAPA?

We established CAPA because there were no cybersecurity providers  focused on the global electricity sector, and who are tackling the growing risks associated with Cloud and IoT connected energy resources and their supply chains.


If your organisation is exposed to these risks, then CAPA could have the answers you need.

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