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Our Mission

CAPA is an Australian based cyber intelligence team at the nexus of Cloud and IoT tech, cybersecurity, and electricity grids and markets. Our mission is to deliver cyber capabilities needed to safely operate 100% renewable grids with interconnected global supply chains.

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The Challenge

The next decade is will be critical period in the energy transition to 95+% renewable energy. Our grids will become more variable through intermittent solar and wind generation, and harder to managing the supply and demand balance.


At the same time, electrification strategies around the world are driving demand for 10s of millions of small scale renewables. Homes and businesses are electrifying their vehicle, leveraging renewables, and shifting away from gas.


These devices will be all connected to the internet. As this attack surface grows, so do the risks of faults and cyberattacks.

CAPA is addressing a market niche that leverages deep domain knowledge of electricity grids and markets, and offers a simple one-stop solution for both cybersecurity and operational resilience.

Our Story

CAPA is an experienced team from the disciplines of Enterprise Cloud and IoT software, electricity grids and markets, and critical infrastructure cyber resilience. The organisation has catalysed an alliance of electricity system operators, retailers and distribution networks to fill the gap of distributed energy cybersecurity.

The organisation was conceived in Australia in 2022 where the electricity systems have the highest penetrations of distributed solar PV and battery storage in the world. As grids around the world reach increasing ratios of solar, storage and electric vehicles, CAPA will share its knowledge, insights and technologies with grid operators and energy providers around the world.

Our objectives are to provide the technologies that can operate safe and reliable 100% renewable grids by 2030.

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