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CAPA is a cyber technology team that provides operational intelligence across electricity utilities and global renewables supply chains.

Our M.O.

At CAPA, our mission is to provide our electricity sector clients with cyber intelligence products and services to meet the new demands of Cloud connected grids and markets.

As digital supply chains become more interconnected, as the pace of change increases with AI and automation, our grids and its key digital systems need early warning mechanisms and rapid identification of compromises and failures.

Our experts across electricity grids, markets, distributed energy, AI and Cloud Ops continually research, detect and deploy new approaches to improve resilience across the energy sector.

Resilience for Cloud integrated products

We specialise in providing cybersecurity solutions for cloud-based energy systems. Our team have deep domain expertise in the Cloud products that  make up a growing part of electricity market supply chains.

IoT Energy incident and response management

Cloud managed IoT energy resources will become  a critical part of electricity systems. This will require additional visibility and reporting for grid operators. CAPA is working to  simplify IoT energy systems compliance as part of critical infrastructure.

Data Science for Cyber Threat Detection

Our data science team are using cutting-edge technologies to detect and mitigate cyber threats before they cause damage. These approaches will be essential to stay ahead of adversaries.

Supply chain operational intelligence 

As global energy system become more interconnected each year, CAPA\ helps regional grid operators to better understand operational supply chains and failure modes of critical systems. 

Metrics that measure our resilience

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Specialist intel

CAPA\ provides a range of public and member cyber intelligence services to our clients. Our services range from intelligence on DER and IoT resources, and real time detection and response processes for grid operators. 


OEM and

SaaS vendors


Devices and systems being monitored


Cyber Threat Scenarios Monitored


Advisories on systems resilience


Utility & Market  Participants 

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We are building data systems specific to the energy sector that provide real time intelligence when you need it the most. Subscribe to our service to learn more.

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